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Hardwick Community Forum on Bus Travel

The service over the year has had lots of problems from buses not arriving to being late, cold etc – so make it your chance to let Stagecoach know how you feel! Come along on Wed 5th April 23 and let them know your thoughts on the service offered.

East West Rail Accesssibility Advisory Panel

Dear Local Representatives Group Members, 

We want to build a better and inclusive railway that works for everyone. To help us do that, we’re setting up an Accessibility Advisory Panel to help us understand the barriers for disabled passengers and ensure we arrive at inclusive and innovative solutions. 

The panel will consist of up to eight people who live in the area between Oxford and Cambridge, representing a broad range of disabled people and impairments. They will meet on a bi-monthly basis, either in person or via Teams/Zoom. 

As Local Representatives, we’re asking if you could kindly share this information with your communities. More information about how to apply to the Accessibility Advisory Panel can be found here.

Kind regards, 

Caroline Eglinton

Head of Inclusion 

Complete the GCP Consultation – Let Them Know What You Think Of Their Plans!

Anthony Browne MPis asking everyone to complete the Survey on the future of our transport services. It deals with congestion charging and future bus services. At the end of this article giving information on their proposals/suggestions is a link to the survey. Please, fill it in now!

Consult Cambridgeshire

Making Connections 2022 survey

This consultation is seeking feedback on a proposed package of measures to improve how people travel in Greater Cambridge. Full details of the proposals can be found in the consultation brochure. The proposals involve:

  1. A transformed bus network, offering cheaper fares, new routes, and faster, more frequent and reliable services between 5am and 1am
  2. Lower traffic levels enabling improvements to cycling and walking infrastructure and supporting public realm enhancements
  3. Funding these improvements through a Sustainable Travel Zone. Vehicles would pay to drive in the Zone at certain times. This would also reduce traffic, tackle pollution, emissions and climate change and support improved access to opportunity and health in our communities.    

Survey startsFinish

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All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Bus Improvements

We are proposing to transform the bus network to offer cheaper fares, new routes, and faster, more frequent and more reliable services with longer operating hours.

In developing these proposals we have taken into account your feedback from our last consultation in autumn 2021. We want your further input to shape the improvements and make sure buses offer you an attractive choice for more of your journeys, whether the whole journey or part of it.

You can view our detailed proposals for bus improvements in our consultation brochure, and they can be summarised as follows:

  • Cheaper fares – a £1 flat single fare for the city and immediate surrounding area (broadly equivalent to the current Stagecoach Cambridge zone) and a £2 flat single fare for the wider travel to work area. Fare caps would mean lower daily and weekly charges, and special tickets for families, children and others would be introduced. 
  • More routes – with direct routes between residential areas, towns and villages and growing employment areas, education, key services including health services and leisure opportunities.
  • Fast, high frequency services  up to 8 buses/hour on key routes in the city, up to 6 buses/hour from larger villages and market towns, and hourly rural services. Waiting times would be much shorter, buses would run faster and more reliably with lower traffic levels, and new express services would offer even faster journeys on key routes.
  • Longer operating hours – from 5am-1am Monday-Saturday, and 5am-midnight on Sundays, supporting our evening and night-time economy and shift workers. Additional buses may run outside of these times to support shift workers.
  • A huge increase in rural services – providing frequent connections to market towns, train stations and the core bus network. This will include scheduled services as well as Demand Responsive Transport (bookable buses), meaning every village would have access to a bus service.
  • Simpler ticketing – a tap-on tap-off system like in London would mean fares and caps were automatically calculated.
  • Zero emission buses – cleaner buses, meeting local ambitions for the whole fleet to be zero emission by 2030.

These improvements would start immediately following a decision to go ahead with the overall package, and ramp up over the next 4-5 years.

The improvements would be funded initially by GCP, and then by the proposed Sustainable Travel Zone charge – so bus services and cheaper fares would be in place well before any charge for driving. 


Are there any additional improvements to bus services that would be needed for you to use bus services for more of your journeys? If so, what are they? Or if you are a non-bus user, what would encourage you to use the bus?

A London-style bus network 

The London bus network is the most comprehensive in the UK. It is publicly managed or “franchised”, accountable to the Mayor, with bus services, routes, timetables and fares specified by Transport for London. To the passenger this has led to a simple, integrated approach with an easy to use, comprehensive network of bus services. Lower fares and simple multi-operator ticketing have supported growing patronage of the network and a fleet of electric vehicles have improved air quality and the local environment. Other areas such as Greater Manchester are looking to adopt this approach. 

The Mayor of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority is exploring the potential to franchise the bus network across our region, to deliver a similar low-fare, high quality bus network.

GCP Making Connections 2022 | Consult Cambridgeshire (

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High way Events in the Cambrdige & Surrounding Areas

Below is page takien from the Cambridgeshire County Council website on the Highway Events affecting our area in the coming 12 months. Useful if you anticipating planning any event. 

Whether the event takes place on or off of the public highway, event organisers must plan to mitigate the impact of their event on the local community and the highway network.

By engaging with us in the event planning stages, we can work with you to highlight potential issues, prevent problems and take action to keep traffic moving.

If your event takes place off the public highway, you must still notify us using our Highway Events application form. Events that require a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) should read the guidance notes and submit an application form appropriate to the type of event they are organising.

Future events

View all known future highway events and their traffic restrictions on the roadworks map.

To view further details of the traffic restriction associated with any events select the event date from the calendar (top right) and click the layers tab (top left) and click Road closures and diversion and Traffic restrictions. The symbols next to the options will be highlighted in colour when they are showing on the map.

If you wish to make a comment on any future event, please send you comment by e-mail quoting the event name  (EVENTS/2022/?? – “Event name”) and location to

Right click on the shortcut below to bring up the map for the area, with the ability to select date ranges.

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs) for special events

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs) are legal documents that enable us as the local highway authority to temporarily prohibit, restrict or reduce road traffic. The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 enables us to put in place restrictions to:

  • Facilitate the holding of a relevant event
  • Enable members of the public to watch a relevant event
  • Reduce the disruption to traffic likely caused by a relevant event

Bulk TTROs

We produce bulk TTROs for events of national significance, such as Remembrance Day events, and for events permitted to occur more than once in a calendar year. A bulk TTRO covers multiple events in multiple locations.


Size: 416KBFile format: pdfRequest an accessible format.

Notifying us of your event

You must notify us if you are planning an event that has the potential to cause disruption to any part of the public highway. This includes any event which may:

  • Require you to apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO)
  • Affect the safety of pedestrians and other highway users
  • Wish to apply for permission to place temporary event signage
  • Increase on-street parking
  • Cause an increase in traffic flow in an area

For events that require a TTRO, at least 12 weeks’ notice is required, except for Street Parties and Playing Out Events, which require at least 8 weeks’ notice.

To notify us of any event, please use the appropriate process below:

Street Parties

Street parties are small events that require a TTRO to close the road. They take place on quiet residential streets and do not impact on the wider road network. They are non-commercial and organised by residents for residents.

Visit our Organising a Street Party Event page to read the full guidance and complete the application.

Playing Out Events

Playing Out Events are organised for the purpose of children’s play. They require a TTRO to close the road. They take place in quiet residential streets with no impact on the wider road network. One application can cover multiple events within a 12 month period.

Visit our Organising a Playing Out Event page to read the full guidance and complete the application.

Motor Vehicle Trials

Event organisers wishing to apply for authorisation of a motor vehicle trial under section 33 Road Traffic Act 1988 should complete the Highways Events Application form. Add that a section 33 order is required in the description of the event and state they require a special events TTRO when prompted.

Highway events

For all other types of event, visit our Organising an event that impacts the public highway page to read the full guidance and complete the application.

Filming on the public highway

Small crewed productions (ie one camera filming a presenter) where minimal disruption to the public highway is expected should read our filming on the highway guidance page and then email the Highway Events team with a description of their activity, risk assessment and map of location(s) where they wish to film.

All other productions must visit our filming on the highway guidance page to read the full guidance and complete the application.


If you need further information about any event shown, or wish to discuss an event you are planning to hold, please contact:

Highway Events Team

Print this page


Heavy or abnormal loads on the highway


Filming on the highway guidance

Everything As It Was!


The names of bus operators and new timetables for the services withdrawn by Stagecoach East from October 30 can now be released.

On September 20, Stagecoach East announced they were pulling out of 18 bus services completely and reducing a further 5 significantly. The Combined Authority went out to urgent tender the following day with the aim of finding operators to continue as many of those services as possible. The outcomes of that tendering process have been approved by the Combined Authority Board and new contracts with bus operators will come into effect from October 30 to run until the end of March 2023.

Below is a table of services and the new bus operators.

The detailed new timetables for those services can be read via the following link: New timetables from October 30 2022 v2. They may be different to the timetables operated by Stagecoach, including times and stops, so passengers are advised to check before they travel.

Citi4 along St Neots Road and within Cambourne (Timetable unchanged)Stagecoach East
5A (Citi5 beyond Northstowe)Stagecoach East
8A March to Cottenham)Stephensons of Essex
9A Ely City ServiceStephensons of Essex
11 Newmarket to CambridgeStephensons of Essex
12 Newmarket to Ely (now 112)Stephensons of Essex
18 Cambridge to CambourneWhippet Coaches
22 St Ives Town CircularDews Coaches
23 Queensgate to Lynch WoodVectare
24 Queensgate to Lynch Wood (now 23A)Vectare
25 Trumpington to AddenbrookesStagecoach East
29 Hampton to Peterborough City HospitalDews Coaches
30 Ramsey to Huntingdon (now 305)Dews Coaches
33 March Town ServiceFACT
35 Chatteris to Huntingdon (now 305)Dews Coaches
39 Ely to Chatteris (now Zipper 2)Dews Coaches
39 (No cover yet between March and Chatteris)
66 St Neots to HuntingdonWhippet Coaches
915 Royston to Cambridge (now 26)Centrebus
V1 Ramsey to St IvesDews Coaches
V2 Chatteris to St IvesDews Coaches
V3 Somersham to St IvesDews Coaches
V4 Boxworth to St IvesA2B Travel
V5 Hinchingbrooke to Godmanchester ( now 66)Whippet Coaches

17 of the 18 services cut by Stagecoach, along with all of the five reduced services, will all be covered following the tender process. The remaining route, service 39, has been covered apart from the section between Chatteris and March. The Combined Authority continues to be in discussions with operators about this service.

For legal reasons around the tendering process, the Combined Authority was not able to confirm bus operators or the timetables until today. This was due to a standstill period lasting 10 days which was a legal requirement attached to the tendering process.

The routes will require some of the £1.7m set aside by the Combined Authority for subsidies to operators to keep them running. Currently, the total cost is expected to be about £1.25m.

As well as working to ensure vital bus services continue between October and the end of March, the Combined Authority is working to put in place a sustainable and affordable bus network from April 2023 onwards. That will start with a refreshed Bus Strategy for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. The Strategy will help to define an ambitious bus network that communities across the region want and need. All funding options will be explored in parallel, starting with fresh representations to Government to go beyond short-term Bus Recovery Grants and put in place a long term funding solution from April 2023, that enables a reliable, sustainable and high quality bus network for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

The draft Bus Strategy is due to be presented to the Combined Authority’s Transport & Infrastructure Committee in November alongside a refreshed and ambitious Bus Service Improvement Plan and case for Government investment. Work is also continuing to further develop the business case for a franchised bus network in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Mayor Dr Nik Johnson said: “With 18 bus routes cut at short notice by Stagecoach and five more scaled back significantly, the Combined Authority has been faced with a major challenge to get services back running again, and with very little time to do it in.

“Buses are a lifeline for so many of our residents and communities. So getting services back on almost all of those routes is a huge achievement. But we know our work on retaining an effective bus network is far from over. People will now rightly be looking closely at the new timetables as they plan journeys from next Sunday onwards, 30th October. We have been working continuously with operators to try to get a level of service which will meet as much of the need and journey connectivity as possible.

“We will be monitoring the detail of how these new services are working, and will consider further issues raised by bus users, whether they are offering what people need. If we can continue to tweak things and make improvements, we will do. “But this is a sharp reminder of the reality of the current deregulated bus system, and the problems caused by 60 per cent of bidding authorities in England, including us, receiving nothing in the lottery of Government funding via Bus Service Improvement Plans. If a further route gets withdrawn or timetable unfairly reduced by local operators, we will again have to look at whether we can pick up the pieces for that too.

“That’s not a sustainable model across Britain for a vital public service that our local employees, students, hospital-goers, shoppers and people without cars so badly need. That’s why we’re looking beyond these immediate challenges for a better future for buses. We will continue to make the case to Government for fair funding for our bus system, including seeking the united all-important support of the county’s many MPs. Working with neighbours including Suffolk and all areas who will have no national support from 2023. And the Combined Authority is preparing a refreshed Bus Strategy to bring much-needed change to the whole network. We will think closely about protecting and improving bus services in 2023 and 2024, not just holding the fort through the winter.”

For passengers who may have questions about bus services, they can email Given the volume of interest, the Combined Authority may not be able to respond individually, however all feedback will be reviewed as work continues to try to improve the retendered bus services.

Good News! New Contract for Citi 4 Route

Quote: The Combined Authority has approved new contracts for 17 out of 18 bus services cut by Stagecoach.

Approval has been given for new contracts for bus operators to run services on 17 out of 18 routes which Stagecoach East announced would be withdrawn from October 30. 

The decision was made by the Combined Authority Board yesterday (October 19). 

On September 20, Stagecoach East announced they were pulling out of 18 services completely and reducing five significantly. 

The Combined Authority went to urgent tender with potential operators the following day with the aim of continuing as many of those services as possible. 

The current position is that 17 of the 18 services cut by Stagecoach, along with all of the five reduced services, have all received quotes from new operators. 

The remaining route, service 39, has been covered apart from the section between Chatteris and March. 

The Combined Authority is continuing to have discussions with operators about covering this service. 

Mayor Dr Nik Johnson said: “This whole situation has been very worrying for communities and the Combined Authority has, rightly, worked with urgency on this tendering process to get buses running on those former Stagecoach routes after October 30. 

“What is positive is that we have received tenders for all but part of one of those routes and the Combined Authority’s work is ongoing in trying to find an operator in this case.” 

The approved routes will require some of the £1.7m set aside by the Combined Authority for subsidies to operators to keep them running. 

The current position is that the total cost is expected to be about £1.25m and the tender process has shown that the money made available by the Combined Authority is very likely to be enough to cover all the routes where there are operators with the capacity to run them.

For legal reasons around the tendering process, the Combined Authority is not yet able to confirm which bus operators are the preferred bidder for each route and not is it able to confirm the route timetables. 

Operators and new timetables will be confirmed at the end of what is called a standstill period lasting 10 days. 

This is a legal requirement attached to this tendering process which allows suppliers an opportunity to challenge any decision. 

New contracts with bus operators will run until the end of March 2023. 

Mayor Johnson added: “Looking beyond these immediate challenges, the whole bus system in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough needs bold change because it clearly isn’t working. 

“There are many challenges ahead, but work on a better future is being done by the Combined Authority.” 

Reponse letter to Dr Nik Johnson – Combine Authority

This is being sent in reponse to the letter posted by Dr Johnson in regard to the upcoming bus changes affecting Hardwick.

Dear Nik,  

We are writing to express our deep concerns about the bus service between Hardwick and 

Cambridge City and to urge you to reinstate this service after the October 30th cuts.  

The loss of this is indispensable route has already had a disastrous impact in the village. People are 

struggling to understand the full impact of the cut, which severs their link with key larger settlements 

and the opportunity that affords.  

These are not unused or unwanted services – stops along St Neots Road are used regularly at all 

times of day. These include children going to secondary school, commuters who have heeded the call 

to use public transport, jobseekers and those most vulnerable looking to access services in 

Cambridge. Some of the sites they use every day have even been upgraded with new shelters or 

cycle storage at taxpayers’ expense, money seemingly wasted. Despite this, the service remains the 

only route you have offered little to no clarity on continuing and has no promise of funding beyond 

the cut off date at the end of the month. The situation is clearly untenable and needs to be 

addressed by the Combined Authority as a matter of urgency. 

Sadly, the problems will not end with a mere reinstatement of the service. Even while the service is 

running, buses are regularly cancelled without warning or sit idly in Drummer Street, the driver in 

place but no access allowed. Constituents are often left waiting for almost an hour, at which point a 

bus may or may not appear, and if it does not at the time specified by Stagecoach. If you are to take 

charge of this service or find a replacement, we would appreciate a guarantee that the service will be 

run to the highest possible standard. 

All of this comes at a time of great uncertainty for our community. Hardwick is already isolated, and 

it takes time for news to filter through our community. Many of those most affected by these 

changes do not benefit from online updates and require a thorough process of engagement to be 

heard. So far, your responses have largely been targeted at the media, with little information offered 

to residents directly or their councillors at all levels. As local representatives, we would appreciate 

more transparency and stand ready to assist in disseminating key information to our constituents.  

In light of the concerns above, we would appreciate a full and open response to the following 


1. What reassurance can you offer that services between Hardwick to Cambridge will be reinstated?   

2. What is your strategy to offer a more reliable service for the same area?  

3. Will you undertake a full engagement process with residents to ensure they are informed and 

understand what the future options are for transport in the area.  

We would be grateful for reassurance that steps are being taken to ensure that Hardwick and 

Caldecote to have a functioning, regular bus service after 30th October.  

Anthony Browne MP 

Cllr Lina Nieto, Hardwick and Toft 

CCC – Transport Strategies 2022 Public consultation including active travel – Deadline 7 November

“The Transport Strategy team at Cambridgeshire County Council has developed three draft transport
strategies that will set the County Council’s transport policy approach for the districts of Fenland and
Huntingdonshire, and for active travel across the whole county. We are now consulting with all
stakeholders and the public on the draft strategies to give you the opportunity to input into them
before they are finalised and recommended for adoption in Spring 2023. We would welcome your
comments on the following strategies, and also ask for your help in spreading the word.
– Draft Fenland Transport Strategy
– Draft Huntingdonshire Transport Strategy
– Draft Cambridgeshire’s Active Travel Strategy
The public consultation survey is now live and can be accessed on our consultation website here Please select which strategy you would like to find out
more, read the draft strategy and provide your views by completing the online survey. The survey will
close on Monday 7th November 2022. We welcome your response for any combination of the three
strategies dependent on your interest.
We want to ensure we reach as much of the general public as possible so we also ask that you
display/share the promotional materials attached, or the link to the survey to your contacts, or add the
information to any newsletters/social media pages you produce. If you would like printed copies to be
sent, please get in touch. Alternatively, watch out for the County Council’s social media posts and
share as appropriate.
We will be holding a number of events, and paper copies of the strategies are available at selected
libraries, all listed in the leaflet attached.
If you have any questions please do get in touch. We thank you in advance of your support in
spreading the word, and hope you will take time to respond to the surveys.”
Kind regards,
Transport Strategy Team
Transport Strategy & Funding
Cambridgeshire County Council

Change to Citi 4 service via Hardwick to Cambridge

As everyone is probably aware the bus service which many people in Hardwick use to get to Cambridge is changing shortly. The Combined Cambridge and Peterborough Authority have now put this route out to tender. However, this takes time and although it is out for tender, the more the Combine Authority are pressed on the situation the quicker they may make a decision. Below is a short cut to the ‘Contact Us’ form on their website which can be used to obtain information on any updates to the situation.

Survey: tell the CPCA what you think of bus services

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Authority (CPCA) have commissioned a survey to better understand people’s perceptions of bus services in the region.

  • The survey will be open for entries for 6 weeks, until Sunday 15th December.
  • We are looking for responses from people who use the bus and those that do not.
  • Surveys can also be completed over the phone by calling 07377 001512 (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday).
  • Everyone who completes the survey will have the choice to enter a prize draw to win £100 of high street shopping vouchers.
  • Respondents can indicate a willingness to be considered to attend a follow-up group discussion session.
  • Any personal information we collect to facilitate the selection of discussion group participants (name, email / telephone number) will be securely stored in accordance with GDPR and will not be shared with any third parties outside of our project delivery team, which consists of ITP and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.

For more info click here.

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