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Speed Check Results


Speed Watch vs MVAS  | MVAS Map | Cambridge Road | Main Street | St Neot’s Road | Pre-2022


2023 Cambridge Road Summary

No data collected yet ( November 2023)

2022 Cambridge Road Summary

Graphical Records from “Your Speed” Displays



2023 Main Street Summary

2023 Main Street Graphs





2022 Main Street Summary

2022 Graphical Records from “Your Speed” Displays



2023 St Neots Road Summary

2023 Graphical Records from “Your Speed” Displays







2022 St Neots Road Summary

Graphical Records from “Your Speed” Displays






Speed Watch vs MVAS – both use “Your Speed” Displays

We have two operations going on in the village, with respect to vehicle speed monitoring – they have different outcomes and fall under two different stakeholders . It’s not just the flashing box. The table below gives a comparison:

Community Speed Watch (CSW)

MVAS (Moveable Vehicle Activated Sign)

Police activity Highways Activity
Speed Reduction Education tool but with specific offenders information provided to the Police Speed Reduction and Education tool but with general traffic counts and speeds provided to Highways
Require 3 volunteers to be present at display. Requires volunteers only to  put the displays up/relocate and collect the data
Display is used on a tripod so can be anywhere in the village authorised by the Police Display is on fixed posts – can be lighting columns if permission obtained from column owner. Locations guided by Highways
A session lasts around two hours but is only regulated by the time volunteers can offer. Session lasts 28 days then location should be moved
Volunteers collect vehicle registration numbers and speed of offenders and the data goes to the Police Business Unit for action

Offenders get letters from the police explaining where they are going wrong. Repeat offenders will get a second letter. More offences get police action

Volunteers collect the data , check the equipment.

No specific data on offenders collected.

Effective while in place, speeds revert to form when Speed Watch goes. HOWEVER Feedback from Police is that 90% of registrations who get a first letter, do not get a second. Effective in reducing speeds of those who are above the limit.

Effect wears off with familiarity, so units are moved around the village

Speedwatch displays all speeds so volunteers can record them for reporting. Highest speed displayed gets reported – not just the speed as the braking vehicle goes past the display MVAS display does not display speeds above a certain level, but rather a warning sign.

MVAS can also be run with the LEDs off – still collecting data

Archived Pre- 2022 Data


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