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Cambourne to Cambridge – In-Highway Proposals for High Quality Public Transport Scheme

At the last two Parish Council Meetings, in discussions around the Independent Audit of the Off-Road Cambourne to Cambridge (C2C) Busway, the District and Parish Councillors referred to an interim scheme supported by the Local Liaison ForumLLF, and put forward as a “quick win” alternative to the C2C Scheme proposed by GCP.

 The LLF represent Villages and Residents Associations affected in the continued dialogue with the GCP over the appropriateness of the C2C Scheme. Hardwick are represented on the LLF by two Parish Councillors plus our District Councillor, Grenville Chamberlain, who is also the Vice Chairman of LLF.

In essence the Scheme put forward consists of Managed Bus Lanes on Madingley Hill which would cut around 30 minutes off the morning peak bus journey time towards Cambridge and would be available to buses coming both from the A428 and St Neots Road Hardwick. If adopted, this provides any bus rider from Hardwick with a reliable, fast journey into Cambridge or wherever.

Any delay or change to the C2C remains independent of the new footpath and cycle paths planned for St Neots Road, Hardwick – pausing or discontinuing plans for the C2C Off Road Busway does not affect the plans for the new footpath and cycle schemes which are already agreed and funded in S106 and Heads of Agreements for the developments to our west. These plans will continue along with the Greenways proposals for routes through the countryside.

See the details of the In-Highway Proposal 

South Cambs: Update on coronavirus

As the Government’s cautious road-map out of lockdown continues, people’s health, safety and wellbeing remain of paramount importance. While infection and death rates are decreasing, transmission of Coronavirus is still an extremely serious threat and we all have a role to play in doing our utmost to stop its spread.

This can best be done by continuing to take precautions against catching or transmitting the virus and closely following the Government’s rules for each step of its COVID-19 Response Spring 2021 roadmap out of the current lockdown for England.

This means continuing to abide by the guidelines for social distancing by:

  • Washing your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds;
  • Covering your face in enclosed spaces (especially where social distancing may be difficult and where you come into contact with people you do not normally meet);
  • Staying two metres apart where possible, or one metre with extra precautions in place.
  • It is also essential to stick to the rules around travel and holidaying.

Our Council team continues to provide essential services and support to the residents most in need in our district. They are working in conjunction with many dedicated volunteers who have played a crucial role in helping this work and we are immensely grateful to them.

Residents who need to carry on self-isolating during this time can rest assured that all the support previously available will continue, including financial help.

Our Reopening the High Street team is supporting local small to medium businesses as they reopen and work towards recovery. This includes helping them to carry out comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessments to keep customers and their workers safe; providing signage and aiding the implementation of the two-metre rule in the workplace; and advising on cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with current guidance.

As more Government financial packages are announced for the business sector, our Business Support Team is also there to support the recovery and help struggling firms to access much-needed Government grants to address some of the financial impact of the lockdown and to fund recovery activities. We are also offering support and grant aid to local communities to get voluntary projects and services back on track after months of lockdown.

Everyone across the district is working extremely hard to put plans into place for when affected services are able to gradually and safely welcome everyone back. Until then, please continue follow the guidelines to help protect the NHS and our families, friends and colleagues. By keeping infection rates low, we will all be able to get back to doing the things we love sooner.

To access advice and support see

For more information on the Government guidelines in the COVID-19 Response Spring 2021 roadmap, see

Useful links:

Government Coronavirus restrictions:

South Cambridgeshire District Council Coronavirus information:

Information on financial support to self-isolate:

South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Reopening High Streets Safely Team:

Support for local businesses:

Update: Independent Audit of the C2C Busway Proposal

Update from: 25th March 2021

Dear residents, see below message from Mr Phil Swann, who is the appointed person to carry out the audit:

The statement of the assumptions and constraints underpinning outline business case and the selection of the preferred route has now been published. A copy of the statement is attached and is available on the GCP website. The focus of the audit is on the robustness and continuing appropriateness of those assumptions and constraints.

Interested parties are now invited to submit written representations on the assumptions and constraints and their application throughout the process. Representations should be submitted to by 23 April 2021.

Roadworks: Main street and Cambridge Road footpath upgrade

The advance warning signs are up for the Main Street/Cambridge Road Footpath Upgrade.

Starting 8th March, the contractors expect it will take 10 weeks.

The work starts at Egremont Road Junction. You will see a Section 5 “To be

confirmed”. This is on hold while County Council work out the Greenways (Cycle path) options for the Portway. We will try to address concerns on line but please feel free to email the Parish Clerk







Working back from Egremont Road to opposite Kesters Close

09/03/21- 16/03/21


Working back from opposite Kesters Close to the Bin Brook Culvert by 8 Main Street

16/03/21 – 24/03/21


Bend near St Mary’s Church

17/03/21 – 30/03/21


Bin Brook Culvert to approaching St Mary’s Church Bend

30/03/21 – 14/04/21


The Pastures to The Blue Lion

14/04/21 – 26/04/21


Pastures to end of Village, south



Egremont Road to Limes Road

16/04/21 – 24/04/21

If you would like to see the drawing for the work, they are linked : 1 , 2 , 3, 4

May 2021 Local Elections

Dear residents,

Here is a link about what to expect for the next May 2021 Local elections in our region:


C2C Busway – Independent Audit

Dear residents,

For information, Mr Phil Swann (Director Shared Intelligence) has been commissioned by the Greater Cambridge Partnership to manage an independent audit of the project.

His first step is to commission an independent transport expert to carry out the review. The expert’s first task will be to prepare a statement of the key constraints and assumptions which underpin the selection of the preferred route. He will publish the statement together with an invitation to local representative groups to submit representations to the audit on the constraints and assumptions.

In the meantime if local representative groups wish to ensure that previously submitted evidence is drawn to the attention of the transport expert, then please let Mr Swann know.

Mr Phil Swann can be contacted via e-mail at

For more information:

For info: Voluntary groups vaccination information

Dear residents,
Please see information below pertaining to priority groups for vaccinations:

The NHS has now opened up access to the COVID vaccine to staff and volunteers from community groups currently directly working or having contact with people in the priority groups outlined here:
Priority Groups for Vaccination

  • those involved in the direct supply of food and other goods
  • those supporting older people and those with long term health issues
  • those supporting vulnerable children and young people
  • volunteer drivers involved in transporting people to vaccine appointments

We are working with the NHS on the identifying community groups to receive the COVID vaccine and will be your point of contact, if you believe your staff and/or volunteers meet the eligibility criteria please confirm and we will send you details of how to book appointments.

At this point there is no restriction on numbers of vaccinations available, with plenty of appointments available this week, so we urge you to respond immediately.

If you fit within the above, please contact the Parish Council through the Clerk.

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