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Parish Council Working Groups


Councillor Gill


Councillors Gill & Moffett

New Developments & S106

Councillor Rose

Hardwick Community Centre Working Group

Councillor Rose

Chivers Liaison

Councillor Gill

Play Area Inspections

Councillor Gill

Community Engagements

Councillors Rangadurai, Dabrowski and Armisen

The Village Plan (Community Transport & Healthcare)

Councillors Armisen and Krishnamurthy to assist Mia Casey

Highways and Road Safety /Greater Cambridge Partnership liaison

Councillors Dabrowski & Moffett


Councillor Moffett

Facebook Moderators

Councillors Dabrowski, Phillips & Rangadurai

Pavilion Lease Renewal

Councillors Gill & Phillips

Proposed Defibrilator and Grant Application

Councillor Moffett

Meridian Fields Loan Board Applicaiton Process

Councillors Armisen & Krishnamurthy

The Chairman and Vice-chairman are ex-office on any committees or working groups.

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