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Author: HPC

Annual Parish Meeting – April 19th 2022

Dear residents

Please find attached an agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting, to be held at 19h00 in The Cabin, at St Mary’s

The draft minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting are available on the website:

If you are a representative of a charity or village group or organisation shown on the agenda, it would be appreciated if you could present a report and/or accounts to the Annual Parish Meeting, and if possible please email the report/accounts to the Clerk at  in advance of the meeting. Reports and accounts will not be recorded in the minutes but instead all written reports will be appended to the minute book. 

The meeting is open to all parishioners who may by law discuss all parish matters, ask questions, put forward views and pass resolutions.

If any village group wishes to apply for a small grant, application forms are available on the website.

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