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Re: Area behind the Skate Park

Information from the Parish Council Chairman.
A resident has pointed out that a post on the village Facebook page has asked for spades and a wheelbarrow, to enable excavations to be carried out on the mound at the back of the Skate Park (on the recreating ground)
On inspection it was found that large holes had been dug in the mound, and one of these was under the acoustic fence, and could be dangerous if this is undermined. The resident also reported that branches from the hedge had been cut/broken as well.
Please could this be stopped immediately as this is Parish Council owned land, and the hedge is subject to a Tree Preservation Order(TPO), and any cutting/pruning must be sanctioned by the Trees Officer at SCDC.
If those who are carrying out this work wish to discuss use of Parish Council land, then they can contact the clerk (or any Councillors) and have the discussion as an agenda item for the next Parish Council meeting.
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