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Cambourne to Cambridge Busway Meeting 7th March

The meeting has been organised by a group of Hardwick residents and is to be chaired by Hardwick District Councillor Grenville Chamberlain.

A representative from the City Deal will also attend to outline their proposals and the impact on Hardwick village.


  1. What are the proposed routes for the busway?
  2. How will the routes affect Hardwick?
  3. Will the bus stop in Hardwick?
  4. Will the Citi 4 schedule be affected?
  5. Will the Citi 4 be cancelled?
  6. Could the Citi 4 be rerouted to include Caldecote and Hardwick villages to enable more villagers access to buses?
  7. How many buses will there be an hour?
  8. If Cambourne builds another 2,300 houses how many more buses will there be an hour?
  9. What type of engine will the buses have regarding pollution?
  10. How noisy will the buses be?
  11. How much pollution will there be from the busway?
  12. What type of pollution and sound barriers are proposed between the houses on St. Neots road and the A428 if the current trees and fencing are removed to make way for a bus way?
  13. What safety barrier will there be between the bus way and the current road to stop vehicles using the busway?
  14. Would there be any speed restrictions/calming, if yes what?
  15. Would the busway be lit?


Ashley Heller, Adrian Shepherd, the City Deal board and our local MP Heidi Allen have all been informed and invited to attend the meeting.

If you have any further questions to add to the list please email:



 Tuesday 7 MARCH 2017, 7.00pm

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