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Hardwick Speedwatch – Your Village Needs You

Are you happy for people to put our lives at risk by driving fast through the village?

Would you like to help us check the size of the problem?

Would you like be able to say you “did your bit” to make sure our kids are safer?

Then volunteer for Hardwick Speedwatch

Speedwatch is part of Cambridgeshire Road Safety campaign by Cambridgeshire Police. Hardwick supports the campaign and was one of the early adopters. We purchased the Speedwatch mobile speed indicator but due to a shortage of volunteers it has not been used for some time. We need a few people to give up a little of their time to keep the village safe. Maybe as little as a few hours every few months – the more volunteers we have trained, the less time for individual volunteers.

We can all spot the vehicles travelling faster than others. Speedwatch offers a no-confrontation option

  • Accurately check the speed through the village – display for all to see
  • Capture registration numbers of the offending vehicles – the police will educate the offenders
  • Help cut down those who are disrespecting the village safety

Training ( about an hour) is given by Cambridge Police, you don’t have to stop vehicles over the limits – just record and report.

If you agree Speedwatch is worth a few hours of your time now and again, why not register your interest with the Clerk to the Parish Council by emailing her on

Steve Rose

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