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Circle Housing St Neots Road Development Update

Tony Bowman attended the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday evening and announced that Circle Housing are aiming to submit their planning application for the St Neots Road housing development in the next few weeks.

Initially the proposed development at the top of the village was to be for 184 houses. This is likely to be scaled back but some of the dwellings will now be larger and which will contribute toward affordable housing. To meet the need for affordable housing in Hardwick about 40% of the development will be dedicated as affordable.

Circle housing have made efforts to ensure the development is sustainable:

  • A contribution to the community centre
  • Extend the car park at the Comberton Surgery – This is a measure taken because a surgery in the village is considered to be unlikely by the developers. Circle have talked at lengths to the NHS but the NHS are not prepared at present to fund any new surgeries
  • Extensive surveys have been carried out on ecological impact of the development
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