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Cambourne to Cambridge – In-Highway Proposals for High Quality Public Transport Scheme

At the last two Parish Council Meetings, in discussions around the Independent Audit of the Off-Road Cambourne to Cambridge (C2C) Busway, the District and Parish Councillors referred to an interim scheme supported by the Local Liaison ForumLLF, and put forward as a “quick win” alternative to the C2C Scheme proposed by GCP.

 The LLF represent Villages and Residents Associations affected in the continued dialogue with the GCP over the appropriateness of the C2C Scheme. Hardwick are represented on the LLF by two Parish Councillors plus our District Councillor, Grenville Chamberlain, who is also the Vice Chairman of LLF.

In essence the Scheme put forward consists of Managed Bus Lanes on Madingley Hill which would cut around 30 minutes off the morning peak bus journey time towards Cambridge and would be available to buses coming both from the A428 and St Neots Road Hardwick. If adopted, this provides any bus rider from Hardwick with a reliable, fast journey into Cambridge or wherever.

Any delay or change to the C2C remains independent of the new footpath and cycle paths planned for St Neots Road, Hardwick – pausing or discontinuing plans for the C2C Off Road Busway does not affect the plans for the new footpath and cycle schemes which are already agreed and funded in S106 and Heads of Agreements for the developments to our west. These plans will continue along with the Greenways proposals for routes through the countryside.

See the details of the In-Highway Proposal 

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