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Update on Housing Developments in the Village

As you will have noticed, the first properties at Meridian Fields (previously known as the Grace Crescent Development) have been completed and are available for sale. There will eventually be 98 properties built. 39 of these will be available as social housing and shared ownership with Hardwick residents having some priority.

The St Neots Road development for 155 properties on land between Hall Drive and Meridian Close will be delayed beyond what we were told to expect.  This
development programme was about a year behind Meridian Fields but that could now increase to two years (or even more). The developers have
obligations (“Section 106”) to contribute to village amenities and services e.g. our new community centre, play and recreation facilities. The delays in starting the St Neots Road development will mean corresponding delays to receipt of these Section 106 contributions. The Hardwick Community Centre Working Group and the Hardwick Parish Council will have to look at how this affects the plans for the timing of the new community centre by the Sports and Social Club. 

The delays in starting the St Neots Road development are for two main reasons. There has been a delay by the developer (Clarion Housing Association) in completing the land purchase as further surveys are required. In addition, the detailed planning application that was submitted late last year by Clarion was withdrawn in March this year as South Cambs District Council planners were seeking changes to the scheme before granting approval. Clarion are now working with the planners to draw up a scheme that will satisfy the Local Planning Authority. All the indications are that the development will eventually go ahead.

Steve Rose
Hardwick Parish Council

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