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Public meeting in Hardwick to air views on Bourn Airfield Development Tuesday 16th October at Hardwick School starting 7:30 pm

Residents of Hardwick should have received details from South Cambs DC of an outline proposal to build 3,500 dwellings at Bourn Airfield. Whatever your views on the development it seems clear that this development will have a big impact on Hardwick – after all that’s why you have been sent details of the proposal.
Hardwick Parish Council has decided to hold a public meeting at the school at 7:30 on Tuesday 16th October. All are welcome to attend.
The purpose of the meeting is so that you can let the Parish Council know what you think of the proposal and to find out what the Parish Council has done and has been doing over the last few years since this proposal was first put forward. The Parish Council will answer questions as best it can.This meeting is not a substitute for you commenting directly to South Cambs DC and the Parish Council encourages all residents of the village to make their views known in writing via the website or by post by 1st November 2018. If you don’t make your views kinown now you will find that you have missed your opportunity to do so.

Also none of the above need stop you from starting a discussion about the proposals now, on the Village FaceBook page and I look forward to reading the comments from fellow residents of Hardwick.

Steve Rose on behalf of Hardwick Parish Council

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