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Hardwick Parish Council elections

Elections are being held on Thursday  3rd  May 2018 to elect a new Parish Council for Hardwick.

Nominations open on 26th March and must be lodged by 4:00 on 6th April.  See the previous News item for advice about standing.  Nomination forms are available through the SCDC website or through our Parish Clerk (contact details elsewhere on this website).

There are positions available for up to nine councillors. There will only be a contested election if there are more than nine nominations in which case electors can cast up to nine votes to choose the candidates of their choice.

There is more going on in the village now than for many years.  New housing developments, related planning obligations on education, health, transport, and community facilities e.g. new community centre, and the proposed busway.  We all have views on what we think is best for the village but it is the Parish Council that takes the decisions on behalf of the village.  If you want to have a more effective way of making your views known and acted on then consider standing for election rather than complaining or criticising.  It can be hard work at times – and its totally unpaid – but it can also be immensely rewarding to see improvements made to the quality of life in the village.

Here are some links which help further explain the role of a Parish Councils and Parish Councillors.

Standing for Election as a Parish or Town Councillor

Parish Councillor – Job Description

All About Local Councils Booklet:

Council Elections 2018

I will be standing again and I hope to be re-elected but I hope many others will put their names forward to create a healthy tier of democracy within the village.

Steve Rose

Hardwick Parish Council

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