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June Parish Meeting Report

There were 4 Parish Councillors and 3 members of the community present. The open session at 7.45pm had Pat Portlock report that there is a team of 12 volunteers ready to start the litter picking, the removal of rubbish has been organised and the equipment can now be ordered.

Martin Cassey reported on the June meeting of the Village Plan Committee and said that it will be interesting to watch how Cambourne progress as they are about a year ahead of Hardwick.

New way marker signs will go up on the Millennium Footpath to replace rotten posts and fallen markers.

Our ROSPA reports for the 4 playgrounds and skate park have been done and all the required action of repairs to keep in line with the findings will take place as soon as possible.

New updated Council policies were discussed and accepted concerning standing orders, financial regulations and risk assessments.

Reports of overgrown, dead or overhanging trees will be checked against the recent tree survey which has just been completed.

Parish boundaries are to change which will reduce the number of District Councillors and our ward now includes Toft.

The state of repair of some of our lay-bys is particularly poor and any member of the public can report potholes and bad surfaces at: please help us get these up to the standard of our new main roads through the village.

Meeting closed at 10.50pm.

Written by Jane Humphries

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