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April Parish Meeting Report

7 councillors, our District Councillor and 2 members of the community attended to hear councillor Chamberlain discuss the derelict building on St.Neots Rd and the arrangements to demolish it. The gas supply has been disconnected and the owner has agreed to remove the unsafe building ‘soon’.

Grenville said he will push for this as soon as possible and that the application of legal charges may speed things up. The Local Development plan should be through in about a year.

A member of the village is keen to set up a volunteer litter picking group that would assist in keeping the village clean in addition to our paid litter picker. This must be a Parish Council lead group that will be trained, registered for each pick and use the equipment provided by the council. The PC will spend £250 on the set up for this group and our thanks goes to the volunteers already interested.

Martin Cassey sent comprehensive notes on the current state of the village plan and will be at the Annual Parish Meeting to deliver a report and answer any questions. Litter bins will be fitted at the bus stops on St.Neots Rd without them yet, and the lay-by, in an attempt to combat the litter problem. 2 new swing seats were ordered for the play park on Egremont Rd and a quote for resurfacing the footpath along Cambridge Rd from the church to the pub will be sought for the next meeting.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on 17th May at the School at 7.30pm.

Village groups will offer reports on the year’s activities, the 2 development companies will update on their progress and there will be small grants available for clubs and societies.

The meeting closed at 10.30pm

Written by Jane Humphries

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