Hardwick time-line

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991 Land at Hardwick given to the Abbot of Ely by Ealdorman Beortnoth before the Battle of Maldon
16446th MarchWilliam Dowsing removed pictures and a cross from St Mary's Church
1858AugustWall paintings uncovered in St Mary's Church at Hardwick
18726th JanuaryVillage school opened
194316th/17th DecemberPlane Crash on The Hay at Hardwick
19532nd JuneCoronation celebrations at Hardwick
19607th JulyPlane crash at Hardwick
196826th JulyVillage school closed
1975NovemberHardwick Happenings first published
1979SeptemberNew community primary school opened
199111th MayCelebrate 1000
199616th OctoberHardwick website started
20001st JanuaryHardwick saw in the Millennium year with fireworks
20001st-2nd JulyHardwick Millennium Celebration Weekend
20002nd JulyHardwick Millennium Footpath opened
20002nd SeptemberNew official Hardwick website started
20023rd-4th JuneGolden Jubilee Celebrations
20043rd-4th JulyCommunity Association 25th; publication of Hardwick - Old & New
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