Sale of Hardwick property, 22 June 1912

The following details are taken from the auction sale catalogue kindly loaned by Mr & Mrs C. Bond.

Land areas are given in acres, roods and poles (abbreviated A., R., P.). 1 acre = 4 roods = 160 poles. The metric equivalent is 4047 m2 (4.047 hectares).

Property Auction, 22 June 1912


The Properties are well situated in the Village of Hardwick, and adjoin the main road between Cambridge and St. Neots, being about 6 miles from the former, 13 from the latter, and about 5½ miles from Lords Bridge Station L. & N.W. Railway, Cambridge and Bletchley Line. The Homestead and a large proportion of the land adjoin the main road through Hardwick, and the whole, which is in the occupation of Messrs. Hodson, is of a good corn growing character and has been well cultivated. Vacant possession of all Lots will be given on 12th October, 1912, or sooner by arrangement.

The Cambridgeshire Fox Hounds meet frequently in the neighbourhood during the season, while the Fitzwilliam Country is within easy access. The land lies in convenient fields, and from its excellent character should readily let, forming a capital investment either for occupation or income.

The Purchaser or Purchasers shall, in addition to the purchase money, take and pay for the following tenant right, according as it shall apply to their respective Lot or Lots, the amount of which shall be settled by valuation in the usual way, and become payable immediately upon ascertainment:--The unconsumed hay, straw, and manure at consuming value, the fallows and root crops at the cost of cultivation, seed and manures, the cost of the small seeds sown in the spring of 1912 with the sowing and harrowing or rolling thereof, folding by sheep since June 1st, 1912, all work done since August 1911 in preparation for future crops, and half the cost of feeding stuffs used on the land during the past year. The use of such Barns, Stabling, and the Stackyard as are necessary to thresh, dress, and carry out the last year's corn and seed crops is reserved until April 6th, 1913.

The above stipulations shall be deemed to be incorporated with and form part of the particulars and conditions of sale. The Auctioneers reserve the right to vary the Lotting or to offer two or more Lots together, or to withdraw any Lots.

No Land Tax is charged on Lots 1, 3, 4, 6 and part 2, formerly known as Victoria Farm, and containing in all about 240 acres.

The Tithe payable on the whole property this year is about £31 18s. 0d.

The properties may be viewed at any time by order obtained from the Auctioneers, and intending Purchasers are requested to give Mr. R. Hodson, "Victoria Farm," Hardwick, a day's notice of their intention to view.


Lot 1.

(Coloured Blue on Plan).
[The plan is not available.]


Field of Productive Arable Land
Known as "The Corner Field" situated between the Hardwick Road and the St. Neots and Cambridge main Road, close to the Village, being No. 20 on the Ordnance Survey (1902 edition) and containing thereby about 58 acres 0 roods 23 poles of sound cropping land, in a good state of cultivation, as now in the occupation of the owner.

Bounded on the North by the St. Neots and Cambridge main Road; on the East by property of Mr. Scruby; on the South by Lot 3 and property of Mr. J. W. Metcalfe, and on the West by Lot 2 and the Hardwick Road.

This Lot is suitable for Small Holdings or Allotments.

Outgoings: Tithe.

[A hand-written note records that this lot was bought by G. Pickett, Licensed Victualler of Royston, for £610 (c. £10/10/- per acre).]

Lot 2.

(Coloured Yellow on Plan).



known as "Giddings Close" close to the Village, and Nos. 18 & 19 on the Ordnance Survey (1902 edition,) and containing thereby 11 acres 3 roods 9 poles (more or less) of sound old pasture, well enclosed and watered , together with the adjacent large detached


standing at the entrance to the Village, stud and thatch built, formerly two tenements, containing THREE LOWER and THREE UPPER ROOMS, standing in a


numbered 36 on the Ordnance Survey (1902 edition,) and containing about 1 rood 20 poles,

The area of the whole being about 12 acres - 0 roods - 30 poles Bounded on the North and East by Lot 1, on the South by Lot 3, and on the West by the Hardwick Road.

Outgoings: Tithe, Land Tax.

The larger portion of this Lot was formerly copyhold of the Manor of Hardwick, but was enfranchised in 1907, the minerals (if any) being reserved to the Lord.

[Bought by G. Pickett, for £400 (c. £36 per acre).]

Lot 3.

(Coloured Brown on Plan).


Closes of Old Pasture

situated near the Village, Nos. 32, 33 and 105 on the Ordnance Survey (1902 edition) and containing 7 acres 1 rood 11 poles (more or less)

This lot is good, sound grazing land, well supplied with water, and is now in the occupation of the owner.

Bounded on the North by Lots 1 and 2, on the East and South by property of Mr. J. W. Metcalfe.

Outgoings : Tithe.

[Bought by G. Pickett, for £170 (c. £23/7/6 per acre).]

Lot 4.

(Coloured Green on Plan).


Accommodation Pasture Land

adjoining the Village and having an area of about 6 acres 2 roods 10 poles Nos. 12 and 13 on Ordnance Survey (1902 edition).

In the occupation of the owner. THERE IS A LARGE POND ON THIS LOT.

Bounded on the North by property of Mr. C. J. D. Stretten, on the East and South by the Hardwick Road and on the West by Lot 5.


[Bought by Mr F Christmas of Great Gransden, for £160.]

Lot 5.

(Coloured Purple on Plan).


adjoining Victoria Farm, of brick construction with tile roofs, each containing TWO LOWER and TWO UPPER ROOMS, with brick and tiled outbuildings in the rear, and

The whole has an estimated area of about 3 acres 0 roods 0 poles Being Nos. 11 and pt. 37 on the Ordnance Survey (1902 edition).

In the occupation of Messrs. Bond, Aylett and Dickerson at rents amounting to £16 : 0s. : 0d. per annum Landlord paying outgoings.

Tithe. Land Tax.

[Bought by John Hunt of Coton, for £160.]

Lot 6.

(Coloured Pink on Plan).



situated in the village, known as "Victoria Farm," comprising a Good House & Convenient Homestead AND 166 acres 3 roods 24 poles (more or less) OF PRODUCTIVE LAND.


is principally rough cast and tiled, with iron frame leaded windows, and contains

On Ground Floor-Small ENTRANCE HALL, DINING ROOM, DRAWING ROOM with 2 cupboards, KITCHEN fitted with sink, large open fireplace with kitchener, BACK LOBBY, LARGE DAIRY with shelving, Covered Lean-to by the back door leading to W.C. in back yard, and underground CELLAR.

Adjoining the House is a


with well and good supply of water.


is in good repair, and consists of RANGE of NAG STABLES and COACH-HOUSE with 2-bay CART SHED, Range of timber, brick, tiled and corrugated iron Buildings comprising Small DRESSING BARN with boarded floor, STABLE for 8 horses, CHAFF-HOUSE and 6-bay open CATTLE SHED, with 2 YARDS in front of same. Adjoining is a range of three timber and corrugated iron PIGGERIES AND TOOL HOUSE. Near the back of the house is a large timber and tiled GRANARY with 2 corn bins and boarded floor, and COWHOUSE for 7 cows.


comprises several enclosures of PASTURE AND GRASS LAND some of which is well adapted for the growing of fruit trees.


No. on
Ordnance Survey.
Description. Quantity.
10Pasture ... 1.130
Pt. 37House, homestead and garden, estimated1.523
43Grass ...7.211
72Ditto ...1.778
78Pond ....179
71Grass ...11.784
44Ditto ...118.916
121Ditto ...7.355
122Ditto ...17.025

The land is all in a ring fence, close to a hard road, well supplied with water, and is bounded on the North by property of Mr. F. W. Day, and the Glebe Land, on the East by various owners, on the South by property of Mr. Lilley, and on the West by property of the Master, Fellows and Scholars of Clare College, Cambridge.

Outgoings: Tithe

[Bought by R. J. Hodson]

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