Sale of Hardwick property, 11 July 1908

The following details are taken from the auction sale catalogue kindly loaned by Mr & Mrs C. Bond.

Land areas are given in acres, roods and poles (abbreviated A., R., P.). 1 acre = 4 roods = 160 poles. The metric equivalent is 4047 m2 (4.047 hectares).

Property Auction, 11 July 1908


The Properties are well situated in the Village of Hardwick, just off the main road between Cambridge and St. Neots, being about 6 miles from the former, 13 from the latter, and about 5½ miles from Lords Bridge Station L. & N.W. Railway, Cambridge and Bletchley Line. The Homestead and a large proportion of the land adjoin the main road through Hardwick, and the whole, which has for many years been in the occupation of Mr. John Hodson, is of a good corn growing character and has been exceedingly well cultivated. Vacant possession of Lots 1, 2, and 4, will be given on 12th October, 1908, or sooner by arrangement.

The Cambridgeshire Fox Hounds meet frequently in the neighbourhood during the season, while the Fitzwilliam Country is within easy access. The land lies in a ring fence, and from its excellent character should readily let, forming a capital investment either for occupation or income.

The Purchaser or Purchasers shall, in addition to the purchase money, take and pay for the following tenant right, according as it shall apply to their respective lot or lots, the amount of which shall be settled by valuation in the usual way, and become payable immediately upon ascertainment:--The unconsumed hay, straw, and manure at consuming value, the fallows and root crops at the cost of cultivation seed and manures, the cost of the small seeds sown in the spring of 1908 with the sowing and harrowing or rolling thereof, folding by sheep since June 1st, 1908, work done in preparation for future crops, and half the cost of feeding stuffs used on the land during the past year. The use of such Barns, Stabling, and the Stackyard as are necessary to thresh, dress, and carry out the last year's corn and seed crops is reserved until April 6th, 1909.

The above stipulations shall be deemed to be incorporated with and form part of the particulars and conditions of sale. The Auctioneers reserve the right to vary the Lotting or to offer two or more Lots together.

The Properties may be viewed at any time by order obtained from the Auctioneers, and intending Purchasers are requested to give Mr. J. Hodson, Bed Brick Farm, Hardwick, a day's notice of their intention to view.

There is a Land Tax on the whole Property of £12 1s. 11d.


Lot 1.

(Edged Pink on Plan.)
[The plan is not available.]

A Small but well equipped FREEHOLD ESTATE, Situate in the Parish of Hardwick, in the centre of the Village, KNOWN AS THE RED BRICK FARM, Comprising about 239a. 3r. 2p. Of sound and well drained Arable and Pasture Land, With convenient RESIDENCE & AMPLE HOMESTEAD For many years in the occupation of Mr. John Hodson.

The Buildings are situated in the Centre of the Village, within easy reach of all the land, and comprise:--


Brick and slated, approached from the Road through a Grass Paddock, containing

On Ground Floor:
Entrance Hall, with stone stairway to First Floor, well lighted and pleasant Dining Room, with modern stove, tiled hearth and cheeks; Drawing Room with similar stove; paved Kitchen with 4 ft. Herald range; Second Kitchen with copper, sink and brick oven; cool Dairy; Pantry with shelving; W.C. and cellarage below.
On First Floor: A stone paved Landing, Six Bedrooms, and a Boxroom. In front of the House is a large well laid out
Garden with Lawn and Flower Beds, and
Kitchen Garden beyond, well stocked with top and bottom fruit in good bearing.


entered by two pairs of boarded gates on the East and West sides comprises:--

On the North:-- Brick and slated Cowlodge and Granary, timber and corrugated iron Cart and Implement Shed, timber and thatch double Stock Shed, brick and tiled Roothouse and Tool Shed.

On the East:-- Large timber and thatched Corn Barn, Piggeries, Chaff-house, brick timber and tiled Harness house, brick and thatch Stable for eight horses.

On the South:- Brick and tiled Fowl house, timber and tiled Open Shed and Pigstyes.

On the West:-- Brick timber and thatched Barn, forming Dressing Barn, Chaffstore, and a recently erected brick timber and tiled Coach-house and Nag Stable with Loft over.

Within a short distance of the Homestead and fronting the Village Street is a row of


Well-built of brick, clunch, and slated, each containing two Lower and two upper rooms, with Outhouses, and LARGE GARDENS AT THE REAR Now in the occupation of Messrs. Longstaff, King, Tibbett, Pitt, and Wheeler, at an annual rental of £19 0s. 0d. Landlord paying Outgoings.


Well stocked with matured Fruit Trees.

The Land is in good Cultivation, has been well farmed for many years and includes a fair proportion of Old Pasture conveniently situate round the Homestead. The Arable is of a sound corn growing nature. The Farm lies practically in a ring fence, with considerable frontage to the hard road, the total area of 239a. 3r. 22p. (more or less)
by Ordnance Survey 1902, being included in the Schedule below:--

Ordnance No. Cultivation. Area.
A. R. P.
98Orchard 211
99  132
pt 97Garden 10
93Cottages and Gardens 228
95   ''1226
92   ''2125
89   ''13316
102   ''2139
103   ''20211
113   ''49113
112   ''47311
114   ''15324
115   ''4217

The Timber and other Trees on the Land and in the Plantation shall be taken and paid for by the Purchaser, in addition to the Purchase money, at the sum of £38 14s. 0d. at the time and place of completion.

A small portion of Field No. 31 containing 5a. 3r. 0p. is Leasehold for 1000 years from 1698, no ground rent being payable and can easily be converted into a Freehold.

Tithe for 1908 £33 14s. 8¾d. Land Tax

Lot 2.

(Edged Green on Plan.)

An excellent Freehold

Enclosure of Old Pasture Land
Known as "GIDDINGS CLOSE" Adjoining the Village on the road to the Cambridge and St. Neots highway, numbered 19 on the Ordnance Survey 1902, and containing thereby about 10a. 2r. 8p Of sound old sward, well enclosed and watered.

The Timber on this Lot comprises some fine elm and ash, there being about 100 trees, for which the Purchaser will be required to pay the sum of £115 0s. 0d. in addition to the purchase money at the time of completion.

Tithe for 1908 on Lots 2 & 3, £1 16s. 1½d Land Tax

LOT 3.

(Coloured Yellow on Plan.)

A Large Detached


Standing at the entrance to the Village from the Cambridge Road adjoining Lot 2, stud built and thatched, formerly two tenements, containing three lower and three upper rooms, and standing in a
The whole having an area by Ordnance Survey 1902 of about 1 Rood 20 Poles, And being numbered 36 thereon.

In the occupation of R. Kimpton, at an annual rent of £4 0s. 0d. Landlord paying Outgoings.

Tithe See Lot 2 Land Tax

Lot 4.

(Edged Blue on Plan.)


Field of Productive Arable Land

Situated at the junction of the Cambridge and Hardwick Roads, close to the Village, and very suitable for letting as a Small Holding, numbered 15 on the Ordnance Survey 1902, and containing thereby about 12a. 0r. 38p. of sound cropping land in a good state of cultivation, as now in the occupation of the Owner.

Tithe for 1908 £1 12s. 1£d Land Tax

Lot 5.

(Edged Brown on Plan.)


Close of Old Pasture

Known as "Church Close" In the centre of the Village, adjoining the Church, with a frontage to the Village Street of about 140 feet, numbered 79 on the Ordnance Survey 1902, and containing thereby about la. 2r. 14p. Together with the Brick, Clunch, and Tiled


thereon; containing Brick Forge. Also


Brick built and slated, each containing two lower and two upper rooms with brick and tiled outhouses, Bakehouse with brick oven. There are Good Gardens behind. In the occupation of Messrs. Canibers, Marshall and C. Longstaff.

This Lot, with the exception of the Cottages, is in hand, the annual rental of the latter amounting to £12 0s. 0d. Landlord paying Outgoings. The Purchaser shall take the Bellows, Trough, Drill and Vice in the Blacksmith's Shop at the sum of £9 10s. to be paid at the time and place of completion, an Inventory of which will be produced at the Sale.

Tithe for 1908 on Lots 5, 6, & 7, 8s. 4¾d. Land Tax

Lot 6.

(Coloured Light Blue on Plan).

Four Freehold Cottages

Situate in the centre of the Village, adjoining Lot 5 on the South, of brick construction with slate roofs, each containing two lower and two upper Rooms, with brick and tiled Outhouses at the rear, and


The whole comprising an area of about 3 Roods 6 Poles. In the occupation of Messrs. Jude, Jude, Bond, and Aylett, at an annual rent of £16 0s. 0d. Landlord paying Outgoings. A right of way is reserved on the Southern side of this Lot for the Occupiers of Lot 7 to the Gardens and Outbuildings at the rear of Lot 7.

Tithe See Lot 5. Land Tax

Lot 7.

(Coloured Red on Plan).

The adjacent and similarly constructed

Four Freehold Cottages

WITH OUTBUILDINGS & GARDENS At the rear, now occupied by Messrs. Longstaff, J. Kester, Mrs. Bond, and D. Hickman, with a total area of about 3 Roods 6 Poles, Producing an annual rental of £16 0s. 0d. Landlord paying Outgoings.

Tithe See Lot 5. Land Tax


1. The biddings shall be regulated by the Auctioneers. No bidding shall be retracted. The highest bidder shall be the purchaser; and if any dispute arise concerning a bidding for any lot the same shall be put up again. The Vendors reserve the right to bid.

2. Each Purchaser shall immediately after the sale pay a deposit of 10 per cent. on his purchase money, into the hands of the Vendors' Solicitors and sign the subjoined agreement.

3. The Title shall commence as to Lot 1 with an Indenture of Mortgage dated the 14th December 1873; and as to the greater part of Lot 2, Lots 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7, with a general devise contained in the Will of John Hodson, who died on the 11th day of March, 1864, and as to the remaining part of Lot 2, comprising 2a. 3r. 20p. with the Will of John Watson Male, who died on the 17th day of November, 1877. By the will of John Watson Male his Trustees were directed to sell the said 2a. 3r. 20p., but in 1882 they purchased the interest of the Beneficiaries in the land and have since been in uninterrupted possession. The facts of the purchase are set out in a Declaration made by John Hodson in the year 1899, and such Declaration shall be accepted as sufficient evidence of the purchase, and no objection or requisition shall be made in respect thereof. By Indenture dated 18th January, 1876, the Mortgage on Lot 1 was transferred to the present Vendors as Trustees of a Settlement in exercise of a direction contained in such Settlement. The Purchaser of this Lot shall accept the recitals of or references to such Settlement, which are contained in the deed of 18th January 1876, as sufficient, and shall not require any abstract or make any requisition in respect of the said Settlement or require the concurrence of any Beneficiary thereunder.

4. Each Purchaser shall admit the identity of the property purchased by him with that comprised in the muniments offered by the Vendors as the title to such property, upon the evidence afforded by a comparison of the description in the particulars and muniments; and the Vendor shall not be called upon to distinguish the several parts of the property held under distinct Titles, nor to account for any discrepancies in quantity appearing in the particulars and muniments. About 28 acres part of Lot 1, and also parts of Lots 2 and 5, and the whole of Lots 3 and 4 were formerly copyhold of the Manor of Hardwick and were recently enfranchised. Each Purchaser shall take the same subject to the rights of the Lords of the Manor to the minerals (if any) thereunder, and to the reservations contained in the Award of Enfranchisement.

5. Each Lot is believed and shall be taken to be correctly described in the particulars. Any error or omission therein shall not annul the sale, nor shall any compensation be allowed on either side. Lots 3, 6, and 7, and the Cottages on Lot 5 are sold subject to the existing tenancies and each Lot is sold subject to all such rights of way and water and other easements and also to the payment of all such Land Tax, Tithes, Tithe Rent-Charge, and other outgoings (if any) as the same is liable to, whether stated in the particulars or not.

6. The remainder of the purchase money of Lot 1 shall be paid, and the purchase thereof shall be completed on the 12th day of October next, at the office of Messrs. EADEN, SPEARING & RAYNES, 15, Sidney Street, Cambridge (the Vendors' Solicitors), and the remainder of the purchase money of the other Lots shall be paid and the purchase thereof completed on the same day at the Office of Mr. A.E. KING, 8, Market Hill, Cambridge, the Solicitor of the Vendor of these Lots, and if from any cause whatever the purchase shall not be completed on that day the Purchaser shall pay to the respective Vendors interest after the rate of £5 per cent. per annum, on the remainder of his purchase money from that day until the completion of the purchase. Upon payment of the remainder of his purchase money and interest, with the amount of the value of the timber and fixtures (if any), the purchaser of each Lot shall be entitled to the possession or to the receipt of the rents and profits of the Lot purchased by him from the day fixed for completion, all outgoings up to that day being cleared by the Vendors. All current rents and outgoings shall be apportioned for the purposes of this Condition and any money payable by or to any Purchaser on such apportionment shall be paid with or deducted from the purchase money at the time of completion.

7. Upon payment of the residue of the purchase money and interest (if any) and the value of the timber and fixtures (if any), at the time and place aforesaid, the Vendors shall make and execute to the Purchasers, proper assurances of the Lots such assurances to be prepared by and at the expense of the Purchasers, and to be left by them for execution at the offices aforesaid not less than seven days before the said day fixed for completion, and the getting in of all outstanding estates, terms and interests (if any) shall be at the expense of the Purchaser requiring the same, and the Vendors shall not be required to stamp any document dated prior to the 17th day of May 1885, which may be unstamped or insufficiently stamped. The respective Vendors being Mortgagees selling under powers of sale shall not be required to enter into any other covenant than that they have not encumbered the property.

8. The Purchaser of the largest part in value of property comprised in the same muniments of Title shall be entitled, after the completion of the sale of all such property, to the custody of the muniments comprising the same, and shall execute and deliver to the Purchasers of the other parts of the same property the usual acknowledgment of their right to the production of such muniments and undertaking for the safe custody thereof. If any part of such property shall not be sold at this sale the Vendors shall retain the said muniments until all such property shall be sold, and the Purchasers of the Lots sold shall in the meantime be entitled, at their own expense, to the production of such muniments and to copies of them, but not to an acknowledgment for that purpose. Every acknowledgment and undertaking given pursuant to this Condition shall be prepared by and at the expense of the Purchaser requiring the same, but shall be perused and executed by and at the expense of the party giving the same.

9. Each Purchaser shall make his objections and requisitions (if any) in respect to the Title and send the same to the respective Offices aforesaid, within ten days from the delivery of his Abstract, and in default of such objections and requisitions (if none) and subject to such (if any) shall be deemed to have accepted the Title. And if any Purchaser shall insist on any objection or requisition which the Vendors shall be unable or unwilling to remove or comply with, the Vendors may by notice in writing to be given or sent by post to the Purchaser or his Solicitor at any time, and notwithstanding any negotiation or litigation in respect of such objection or requisition, annul the sale, and shall thereupon return to the Purchaser or his Solicitor his deposit, but without any interest, costs of investigating the Title, or other payment whatever.

LASTLY. If any Purchaser shall fail to comply with the above Conditions, his deposit shall thereupon be forfeited to the Vendors who shall be at liberty to re-sell the property bought by such Purchaser, at such time, in such manner and subject to such Conditions as the Vendors shall think fit; any deficiency in price upon, and all expenses attending such re-sale, shall immediately afterwards be paid to the Vendors by the defaulter at this sale, and in case of non-payment shall be recoverable by the Vendors as liquidated damages, and it shall not be necessary to tender a Conveyance.

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