Old pictures of Hardwick

These photographs are in the Cambridgeshire Collection. It is not known who took them. Thanks to Mr Norman Coulson for providing copies for the website.

Hardwick village band
Hardwick village band, date unknown

Church from SE
The church from the south-east, 1906

Steeple repairs
Steeple repairs, 1910

Cottages built 1834
Cottages built 1834, photo 1928. cf. modern picture. See plaque.

The blacksmith's shop
The blacksmith's shop in 1928. The bake house is in the background. cf. modern picture

The Rectory in 1928
The Rectory in 1928. cf. modern picture

Thatched cottage
Three thatched cottages made into one house. The photo was taken in 1928. It is thought that the three were bought earlier for £10. cf. modern picture

Victoria House
Victoria House in 1928. cf. modern picture

May Queen, 1937
May Queen, 1937

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