Living in Hardwick, 1948-1955; Ed Deak's gang

"Herfort left about a year after we arrived, moving to the South of England, where his brother, an ex POW who stayed in England, was going to marry the daughter of the farmer he was working for.

Bucholzer and Huhn also left about that time, probably going back to Germany, as they hated England.

Daum stayed on and married a girl from Caldecote. They had a little daughter about 1953 or 54. They lived in the Chivers row houses past the farm entrance. The last I heard of him from Mrs. Beatrice Kester in 1975 was that they moved to Caldecote and he was a milkman in Cambridge.

Goepfert left about 1950, first working for Pest Control Ltd. a spraying outfit located at Bourn aerodrome , then moving to London and working at some wholesale grocery outfit. He married a London secretary about 1953. By then he changed his name to Peter and claimed he has forgotten all his German.

I stayed on, as I started taking courses at Cambridge in Jan. 49 and didn't want to miss the opportunity. I met a Hungarian refugee girl, Marta Keresztes, with her parents at Obertraun,Austria, when I was in a POW of the Americans in a German hospital in 1945. When the British government started recruiting women for hospital work, she went to Runcorn. When we settled down and started to understand the system, she transferred to the Maternity Hospital on Mills Road in Cambridge. We were married in March 1951."

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