Hardwick Characters

Extract from a letter written by Mrs M Storey and printed in the June 1980 edition of the Hardwick Happenings.

"I have seen a great many changes in the village since we first came to live here in 1958 - but my connections with the village go back many years. My great great grandfather, I am told, was the schoolmaster at one time and also ran the village band in which he played with his 5 sons. I have a photograph of this band - 11 in number. I wonder if the village could raise a band again! He also played the cello in church before there was an organ. An uncle (by marriage) who was born in Toft and lived there during his young life remembers Col. Cody flying his aeroplane from the Hay and hanging on to the tail of the aeroplane to hold it down until it was airborne. Unfortunately my parents who used to tell these tales are now dead - although the uncle is still alive and now lives in Hertfordshire. The point of this is, that when I read of your idea of interviewing some of the older inhabitants of the village I thought of all the characters who had died, some quite recently, and the amount of history which must have been lost with them - Mr. Rooke who was postman for many years, Mr. Wayman the roadsweeper, Mr. Sherman who cleared the ditches, Mrs. Plane whose family was a real old village family, even our local eccentric Miss Float would probably have had a tale to tell, and our much loved school teacher Mrs. Frazer, so I hope you will not delay the series too long or there will not be any real old inhabitants left."

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