Mid 20th Century Map of Hardwick

This Ordnance Survey map was published about 1950, though probably based largely on data from 1934. It was apparently sent to Mr A Bond in 1951 by the County Surveyor in connection with a survey of rights of way in each parish, carried out under the National Parks and Acess to the Countryside Act, 1949. This is why the parish boundary has been marked on as a thick line.[Thanks to Mrs Annette Bond for lending the map.]

The four rights of way in Hardwick at that time were the Port Way bridleway (B.R) east and west of the southern end of the village, a short path from the road across the Green to the school, and the footpath (F.P.) east from the Blue Lion pub. Note that a second pub is marked on the east side of the road, the Chequers Inn (now 87 Main Street, a private residence). Named buildings are Halfway House, Hardwick Farm (now Asplins Farm), Wallis's Farm, Redbrick Farm, the old School, and Hardwick Hall on the A45 Cambridge to St Neots road near the 6 mile post (M.P.) from Cambridge, near where Mark Weatherhead is now.

The lines of Limes Road/ Laxton Avenue, Hall Drive and Pump Lane are seen in the north of the village (where the Limes Estate is now) with a scattering of houses which were built in the 1930s.

Water features seen (apart from small streams and drainage ditches) are the Moat, a well (W) where the village pond is now, and two ponds one behind the church (still there) and one in front of the school.

Mid 20th Century Map of Hardwick

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