Hardwick - Old and New

Published by the Hardwick Community Association, 3 July 2004, ISBN 0-9547595-0-8, 205 x A5 pages, including 100+ pictures and a CD. Price £7.95.

Winner of the Cambridgeshire Local History Society Local History Award 2005.

This book is a description and history of the village of Hardwick and was published on the weekend of 3/4 July 2004 by the Hardwick Community Association, to mark 25 years since the Association was formed. To order a copy of the book, print off the Order form and return it with your payment.

book front cover CD

The book is packed with interesting information and pictures of both the old and the modern village. Here is a sample page. There is a wealth additional information on the accompanying CD, including many old newspaper cuttings from the Cambridge Evening News.

There are chapters on:

  • History
  • Wildlife
  • St Mary's Church
  • Farming
  • Building and Places
  • Education
  • Groups and Associations
  • Celebrations
  • Village Sign
  • Other Facilities
  • Hardwick Today

Many people have written sections of the book or provided photographs or information, and they are acknowledged in the book.

The book has been put together by an editorial committee consisting of: Grace Atkinson, Annette Bond, Cara Bootman, Marian French, Mel and Richard Grenfell, Iain Hayman, Anne Jones, Jeff Jones, Jane Muncey, Howard Seaber-Shinn, Barbara Slade, and Andy Smith.

The launch of the book was marked by an exhibition of memorabilia to be held in St Mary's Church on 4 July 2004. If you have any queries about the book, please contact the president of the Community Association, Anne Jones.

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