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Starting a Village Plan

The Parish Council has endorsed the preparation of a Village Plan. This will set out how the Village wants to develop in the future. A small group of volunteers has agreed to kick-off the process but its ultimate success depends on residents of the village contributing to the development of the plan. To find out more, visit the website

August Parish Meeting Report

Parish Council report for the meeting held on Tuesday 25th August 2015.

The meeting was attended by 6 Parish Councillors and 10 members of the public including Grenville Chamberlain.

There was a 15 minute public session starting at 7.45pm and the business meeting started on time at 8pm. Grenville, our District Councillor, assured the PC that he will address the poor bus provision to the southern end of Hardwick with the District Council. With the prospect of new developments and new bus corridors from Cambourne to Cambridge he would keep requesting better public transport provisions through the village.

Martin Cassey volunteered to steer a new Village Improvement Plan working group which will be made up of 2 PC members and as many villagers as want to be involved. This group will not be part of the PC but be a community group who explore what the residents would like to see happen in Hardwick over the next 5 years. A broad range of residents is essential for this idea to reflect the whole village so please contact Martin if you are interested.

Dog mess is an ongoing problem and as we have a good number of bins we ask all dog walkers to always clear up after their dogs. A Speedwatch team will be resurrected with volunteers needed (6) and training is provided. Gail, the clerk can help with those keen to help.

Double yellow lines will be finally painted onto the corners around the school and Egremont Rd to encourage safer parking and routes across the roads. Cahills Corner (the bend where Cambridge Rd meets Main Street) will have pavement improvements made to widen the path for pedestrians and clear the view as much as possible on the approaches. Road improvements are rarely funded by the highways dpt unless bad accidents have occurred, as we can’t wait for this to happen the PC is funding this project within finances we set aside for this several years ago. The football pitches will be sprayed for a plantain infestation as it does seem to be particularly bad this year.

A survey will be available at the drop in session for the new St. Neot’s Rd development although this publication will be delivered many weeks after that event. The Parish Council meetings are open to all members of the press and public and there is still a vacancy for a councillor if anyone feels community minded.

Written by Jane Humphries

Circle Living Proposal Display

Circle Living ltd (part of Circle Housing Group) has sent leaflets inviting residents to attend a display of their plans for a new development on land to the south of St Neots Road and west of Hall Drive. This display will be on Tuesday 8th September at Hardwick Primary School, 3:30pm – 7pm. Hardwick Parish Council is encouraging residents in the village to view the plans and to provide feedback to the Parish Council about them.

Details of the proposal will be posted on this website shortly after the 8th.


In October the greater Cambridge City Deal Executive Board will launch a public consultation for views on the best course for a new bus and cycle route between Cambourne and Cambridge.

To facilitate the best possible route for everyone it is important for there to be a positive and constructive dialogue between the villages and communities along the Cambourne-to-Cambridge corridor, and the City Deal Board/highways department.

It is the aim of CambridgeBOLD to set out a locally conceived proposal for the new route which will represent, as best as possible, a broad consensus of opinion from villages within the Cambourne-Cambridge public transport corridor. As such you are invited to visit the CambridgeBold website at and view the current draft proposal. If you would like to have your say or if you have any comments on the proposed route you need to submit them to before Friday 9th October.

SmartWater Prevention Scheme

Hardwick Parish Council have placed a new SmartWater sign at the top of the village to deter criminals. The SmartWater sign was provided by Cambridgeshire Police and is part of an initiative to reduce crime in the region. You can learn more about SmartWater by visiting
SmartWater Sign

July Parish Meeting Report

The Parish Council have asked me to write a brief report following each meeting for inclusion in the Hardwick Happenings. As there isn’t an issue of the Happenings for a few months the opportunity to publish on our new website was not to be missed so here is my report for July.

Hardwick’s Parish Council meeting for July was well attended by villagers and 6 of the 8 councillors. There were two speakers who both spoke before the business of the meeting at 7.45pm.

Clare Gibbons from South Cambs District Council gave a Powerpoint presentation on ideas for setting up a working group to develop a Village Improvement Plan; like many local villages have. This would involve committed involvement from residents and the PC. Following surveys, meetings and explorations into village needs it would result in a plan for Hardwick’s immediate future. A working party is on next months agenda.

District Councillor Francis Burkitt spoke about the proposals for a public transport system between Cambourne and Cambridge to include Hardwick as a bus stop on a new busway similar to the one along the A14. There could also be a new Park and Ride east of Madingly Hill adjacent to the A428. There will be a lot about this in local press and on local media and a public consultation will happen in the Autumn. Getting into Cambridge will hopefully be much easier and much quicker in the next few years.

The rest of the meeting included a decision to save PC money as HSSC will now carry out their own legionella testing; the addition of a dog bin at the Toft end of the village will help alleviate the never ending problem of dog mess and listing the Blue Lion pub as an Asset of the Community with CAMRA. The new webmaster for the village site is Robert Cassey and our new new editors for the magazine are Howard Baker and Peter Cornwell. The meeting finished at about 11.30pm and the draft minutes will appear with the next agenda on the Cambridge Rd noticeboard on Wednesday 19th August. There is one vacancy on the Parish Council, if you are interested please email the clerk.

Written by Jane Humphries

Grace Crescent Development Proposal

Hill have proposed the development of up to 100 new houses to be situated on land just west of Grace Crescent. Of the 100 new homes 40% will be designated as affordable and will be available as either shared ownership or affordable rent. The proposals are initial and it is the intention of Hill to submit an outline planning application in July.

The developers have set up a dedicated website where local residents can learn more about their proposals and give feedback. You can visit the site at

Credit: hill (

New Website

After a long wait the new Hardwick website is up and running with a host of new features.

The aim with the new website was to take much of the information from the old website, and add modern usability and interactivity. Hopefully the net result will be an engaging experience where people in the village can not only access what’s going on, but can also contribute to village affairs by giving feedback and making suggestions.

The website now comes with a calendar, this calendar has information on dates and times of activities and events within the village, as well as locations and descriptions. This means that alongside the Hardwick Happenings you can see village events with a couple of clicks.

You can find details of your elected representatives on the Hardwick website together with dates of Parish Council meetings and the agendas and minutes of those meetings Greater Information on the Village

What’s to come?

The website will have new features added in stages and it’s very important that we get feedback on changes we make and any ideas for what you would like to see. If you would like to see your business in the business directory, or if you have a suggestion to improve the website please use the form below.

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