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Hardwick Parish Council unable to fulfil it’s obligations to residents!

Yes!  This could happen if more councillors are not found within the next 30 days.  Currently there are three members on the Parish council, there are vacancies for six more.  If any councillor does not attend a Parish meeting (for whatever reason), resulting in two councillors being in attendance then no Parish decisions can be made. 
Implications are many but to name a few:
  • Payments to employees, contractors and suppliers could be delayed.
  • No resident’s requests/suggestions can be acted upon.
  • There could be implications for the Community Centre Project.
  • There could be implications for the Community Bus scheme.
  • Any grass cutting/tree work general village housekeeping would be affected.
  • Play and recreation areas will not be inspected and any repairs carried out in necessary.
  • All Parish council working groups e.g. Highways, Planning can no longer continue because there are not enough councillors to work on them.
  • No input from the Parish council on planning applications, including those for new housing developments or on consultations e.g. Cambridge to Cambourne Busway, East West Rail and Hardwick Greenway.
In all there are many points that the Parish would not see acted upon.
Ultimately the Parish responsibilities will be taken up by the local District council, probably with little thought to the residents wishes.
This is why the Parish council urgently needs new councillors to ensure none of the above happens and that we take the village forwards.
Please, if you think you can contribute to the Parish then join the council. To do so, in the first instance contact the Parish clerk (Gail Stoehr) at : or by phoning 01954 210241

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